Yacht Chandlery



Chandleries are indispensable in the boating world; pull in to almost any port, and there will be somewhere nearby to purchase key boating essentials for stocking up, maintenance or repairs.

Yachting, as a subsection of the boating world, has its own needs and expectations for chandleries.

As the leading hardware store of the Turkish yachting world, “NauticaL Store” marine chandlery is there to serve as an easy, convenient way to pick up essential supplies for the boat or yacht. Having somewhere that crew can nip to the day before the boss comes on board to buy teak cleaner, spare fuses and a couple of replacement light bulbs can prove to be the difference between a happy owner and a disappointed one.

But it isn't just small everyday items that our chandlery can provide; we stock much larger items, like navigation equipment, anchors, windlasses and many spare and replacement parts for engines, generators and more, making us the place to go when next-day delivery just won’t do or in need of some friendly face-to-face advice.

Read the guides below to learn how our chandlery play a new and unique role in the world of Turkish yachting.

“NauticaL Store” Yacht Chandleries: YOUR ONE STOP MARINE SHOP

Just about everything you need to run a boat or yacht can be procured from “NauticaL Store” yacht chandlery, making us a frequent stop for yacht crew as they travel the world.

What is a chandlery?

Historically, a chandlery is a medieval office responsible for making, storing and selling wax, candles, and as a by-product, soaps. As these were items all required aboard ships, chandlers became a more general dealer for everything required for the ships’ stores.

Today, a chandler is therefore better known as a dealer or trader for a particular market, such as the supply of essential goods for ships. Of course, ‘ships’ now means all kinds of boat: everything from tiny day-boats to superyachts. Products stocked are usually the kind that come in useful on any sort of vessel, though you may find differences in their stock, based on location and customer demographic.

Yacht chandleries are stocking essential products that they know their target market use daily, meanwhile remaining knowledgeable and in contact with suppliers of various other specific items.

The job of a chandler is somewhat unique in that it deals largely in one line of business therefore allowing exclusivity and understanding to both parties, and the very nature of the profession often means local chandlers can become very trusted resources.

Marine essentials you can buy from our chandlery, NauticaL Store

We sell a whole range of products to cater to every area of a boat. Typically speaking, we stock a large selection of items within the following product categories:

Anchoring and mooring equipment, shackles and fittings, rigging, flags and wind indicators
Refrigeration products and equipment, toilet and plumbing supplies, galley and cooking equipment, pumps, heaters
General DIY tools, deck brushes, varnishes and polishes, sealants, lubricants and paints
GPS and navigation equipment, maps, compasses, binoculars, clocks and barometers
VHF radios, autopilot equipment, radars, electronic charts
Batteries, power inverters, plugs and sockets, solar panels and wind chargers, switch panels
Interior and exterior lighting, headlamps, touches and other safety lighting
Jackets, shirts, shoes, watches, sunglasses and all the necessary clothing and gears for sailors.
Dinghy boats, outboard engines and all the related accesorries and equipments
Professional fishing equipments
Marine cables & ropes
Engine, hull and propeller anodes, fittings
Life jackets, emergency supplies, flares and horns, danbuoys, throwlines, life rafts

Of course, stocks vary from chandlery to chandlery, and much can be ordered in, but the above list gives a rough idea of the general products you’re likely to find within our reputable chandlery.

Tips for buying at a chandlery

Ask questions

Our chandlery staff pride themselves on their knowledge of products and the advice they can offer to our customers. Take advantage of it, especially if you haven’t been in the marine industry particularly long and may be prone to buying incorrect items. Our team members may offer you the perfect fit for your needs, as well as the options you haven’t heard of before.

Take advantage of the face-to-face service

Online retailers have been stepping up their service game for a while now, with next-day delivery and free returns becoming the norm. That said, it’s almost impossible to argue with the benefits of buying face-to-face: returns are often easier, you’re more likely to buy the correct product to begin with, and the entire experience is just that much more personal—something quite desired in the superyacht industry.

Expect to pay a little more

With the above in mind, buying face to face typically costs a little more, but the convenience, personal advice and friendly face usually compensates for this. That said, buying from an online chandler holds its own benefits for those who prefer.

We do not only offer products, we offer solutions!